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Hey I was happy with you guys!

I love my frilled dragonsthat I got from you and was totally satisfied. They are awesome. I dont know what you did but even though they are a year old they are the tamest things you can imagine. Their names are Odin and Skadi by the way. They are very happy and healthy. You were totally up front about your the female not being in the best shape and I was pleased about that--it let me decide whther I wanted to risk it or not. Now that I have had her though she went from 186 g to 238 g in about a month or so now.... I am very glad I got her she is very sweet. Helena was very patient as I hummed and hawed about deciding to buy both and she put up with all my emails and calls. When there was a tiny mix up with the shipping she was really quick to inform me and everything worked out fine. Nobody is ever perfect and your wont please everyone but those people who put up a big stink about not being pleased are usually people who are hgih strung or just have a really crappy life anyway so they want to pick out the faults of everyone around them and flay them for it.

You tell Helena that she is a great person and not to take that sort of trash to heart. I though it was really nice of her to send me that happy halloween email and ask how the frilleds were doing. If I ever want to ship in another reptile and you guys have it I will go with you guys again. I feel like Helena is a person I can trust after my experiences with you guys and I would not hesitate to do business with a company she works with.

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