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Talking PCPC Show!!

I would just like to thank everyone for coming by the booth today to say hello!! its great to meet each and everyone of you in person!! Thanks for all of the donations and photo hosting upgrades, it means alot to me.. I have another server upgrade coming soon and every bit helps! A special thank you to Silke, KaHane and Helena for the gifts they bought for our foster child! HE IS GOING TO LOVE THEM!!!!! I will be sure to keep you updated with letters and pictures when they arrive!! The show was a great success i hope everyone has as much fun as the peopple at the booth!! Oh yeah, Grant vg, thanks for the fishy smell you left at the table!! hah hah no no it wasnt Grant it the borneos musk!! LOLOL!!! but still i liked it alot!

PS> Kahane and Helena, next show i expect to see you guys before 12:00pm!! You missed all the fun!! :P is offline  
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