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Yeah I agree the dude was a bit over the top. (Are you sure you guys don't know him? It sounded like he was going on and on and it was a bit much. Almost like he knew you guys and was just trying to start stuff. I mean, no one freaks out about a dog THAT much do they? I found it weird).

Anywho, that's besides the point. No one will take this guy seriously, and for obvious reasons. But by putting stuff in writing here about giving him a trip to Fatlipsville, that might be asking for legal trouble and his face might not be the only thing getting a black eye. Right? Although, I'd be pissed too. If it was my girl, I'd be getting his IP the second I read the post. But just think before you do anything. I mean, if they put you in the clink, who am I going to breed Green tree monitors with man!

Take it easy, and if you give the guy a working over, just don't put the threat in writing!

Peace (well, sort of).

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