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Some thoughts.

I would like to thank all that supported Helena, she was very hurt about the thread, and all of you helped her out. The reason we are in this hobby is to help each other not to put each other down. We do not need this type of negative people to hinder and slow down our hobby. After reading the thread from King this morning I felt like giving up on people, I was going to reply but choose to wait til Helena veiwed it, since it was about her. Trust me I was MAD. I had a few words for him, but I would have put myself to his level and got my post deleted too. Anyways I'm a true believer of Action speaks louder than words. I got in this hobby because I enjoyed it, but ever since I started my business( GenerAsian Exotics) I have enjoyed it less each day. It is really hard to please everyone, but we try our best. Why did I get in to this hobby? Not to be a millionaire!!! believe me I do not need the money. To be an expert!!! I'm far from an expert. I'd rather sit back and listen to what other have to say and learn from it, and I've learned alot over the years. I'm here to enjoy what I've loved since I was a kid and to share it. I do not think anyone of us would be here if we did not enjoy it, there's easier hobbies out there. As for the ones making a living with the hobby, They still have to enjoy it. It's not as easy as it looks, there's easier ways to make money. As for me, I've been fortunate to have the resources I have and because of that I'm able to have my collection of animals. That does not make me better than the other guy. This hobby is not about who has the most expensive or rare animal. It's about the passion and the love we have for our animals, no matter what animal it is. We must be committed to our hobby and make it stronger by FIRST learning and then educating others. It's no good sharing with others when you haven't taken the time to learn it first. Then we can open the minds of ignorant people to our hobby, people are ignorant because they don't know better and they fear what they don't know. I feel it's up to us, all of us, to open their minds to this wonderful hobby. Sorry about the RANT, but my point is, let's get rid of the negativity by being educated, by learning then growing.
As for Mr. KING I really hope to see you tomorrow, I will not tolerate ANYONE putting my friends, especially my girlfriend down. You didn't stop with one insult, but kept going and going. I demand that you post a public apology to all the members, for you negative thread, and Email Helena with a personal apology for hurting her feelings.
Thank you for taking the time to read this post and my thoughts, and I'm deeply grateful for the Administators( Jeff, Shane, and of course my buddy Grant)
........................... KaHane
I look Fear straight in the eyes and laugh my head off!!

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