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I agree.....

Last week we had a spell of really warm weather here. It got up to 80 degrees one day. That night at work I got a call about a sick snake. Thay brought him in (a large burm) and he had what appeared to be small blisters all over him. oncluding on his eyes not to mention SEVERE dehydration. The kid had let his burm swim in their fullsize pool fpr about 2 hours or so he said. Well turns out after talking to the kids father, he was treating the pool that day for the first time of the year and left for work not telling his son about it. He had used a very large amount of chemicals and chlorine to clean the pool and get it ready for the up-coming swimming season.
The poor snake. id never seen anything like it before. Anyway, the snake died about 2 days later because they didnt want to pay to hospitalize it...which it needed....or at least some sub-Q fluids. Anyway, you never know whats in a swimming pool...or how much for that matter.

I personally went and bought a 10 ft kiddie pool and during the warm days, I fill it up and let only my larger constrictors use it(because they cant get away from me) but they seem to really enjoy 2 cents...
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