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One of the bad things(if there weren't enough) about crypto is that it is now showing up in forms that are very resistant to our efforts to get rid of it. Some strains are becoming resistant enough to live quite well in swimming pools. It is a matter of hygiene really. Here in FL. there's a lot of water parks etc. You can bet that out of 1000 people, 1 is sick or has not "cleaned" well. Babies not toilet trained,etc. You get the (dirty)picture. I'm not an alarmist or anything, but anything we do to keep clean (whether around our herps or not) is good. Hand washing is probably one of the most important and overlooked weapons we have. I too use most of the mentioned cleaners, with the gel hand sanitizer handy in all my snake areas. Most cleaners w/ bleach or Triclosan need to be in contact with the object for some time to be really effective though. Our herps are only as clean as we keep 'em. Do any of you also use an air cleaner and / or spray disenfectant?
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