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Absolutely not!
First of all, i can barely stay in a swimming pool water without having skin and eye how do u think ur snakes would feel or monitors would fair?
About the pond question...go check one of Roy Stockwells last couple posts on the KS snake forum/...he explains very well why u shouldn't release or "let swim" captive wildlife back into nature....
I think iguanas, chams and any one from the turtle family can be housed outside if an adequate enclosure is provided as well as climate...and obviously for these species it is beneficial but snakes and others shouldn't....U will have to worry about other predators getting into the enclosures...24/7 and i am not sure whether diseases and parasites can be transmitted to these exotic pets from other countries but i wouldn't doubt it......
I'd sway away from keeping anything outside if possible....excluding iggy ofcourse!
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