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I wouldnt let any of my herps go in a pool or pond becasue of all chemicals (pools) and bacteria (ponds). Now, even if it the water itself was suitable, I wouldnt dare let my herp go in a lake or any large open body of water for fear of my herp getting away. The last thing anyone needs is a loose herp in the environment... not only is the herp at terrible risk, but so can other animals, as it is a danger to have a foreign animal in an established eco-sytem <u>IF</U> the animal can survive (we've actually had a jaguar? running loose in the neighbouring town for two years now- just waiting for a persoin to get shot it seems everyones out there trying to kill the poor thing). People may be surprised how adaptable some herps can be, there's that "pet" alligator that has been living in the Buffalo river/canal near a park for 3 years...not sure if theyve captured it yet. Also not to metnion another case to be used against our rights to own these creatures. Outside pens CAN be safe, as long as precautions are taken to make it that way. Alot of people house tortoises outisde during the warmer months, and I myself keep my Iggy outside during the summer.
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