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Believe me I know what you mean......

It's all good Linds, I think I see where you're coming from.
My wife's purse was stolen last Friday from out of my car (the car was broken into), and we've been trying to notify people about her health card, and our kids health cards, her S.I.N. card, her license, and the provincial government is on strike so nobody can do a damn thing about it, which puts her without i.d. To top it all off her former employer (who she's visited twice this week) has stated her pay check wasn't at her former place of work for her to pick up, though she's told them she'd pick it up directly. I know all about not knowing what to do.

Back to the HSUS discussion---
Is there a world federation or association for reptiles/reptile keepers? If so, then wouldn't a founder/head honcho/big cheese from such an organization be able to play a valid role in putting HSUS in their place in front of a US hearing?

I was just hoping that someone (by reading my first post) would have some fresh new ideas, I'm worried about the effects this could potentially have on Canadian reptile enthusiasts. It's better to have people voicing opinions and thoughts than absolute silence.
"One hour from now, another species of life form will disappear off the face of the planet, forever, and the rate is accelerating.." - excerpt from Megadeth's Countdown to Extinction

And it's up to us to stop it - Gorelith

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