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Hello Jeanette ..

I sympathize with you and beleive me when I say this .. I KNOW WHAT YOU WENT THROUGH...

ALL my snales (about ten at the time) all seizured at the same time because of a wrong prescription given by a vet ... I know what u went trough .. the only difference is mine had several seizures .. up to 12 for one .. they were high on valium and after 3 days of HELL and no sleep waiting for my snakes to either die or seizure .. I lost one of my snakes and a second snake in the month to come .. some still show sighns of mental disoder ..

I am happy everything worked out well but trust me it could of been worst ..

And this was done by a HIGHLY qualified vet in reptilian medicine ..

Moral of the story .. for me anyway - dont trust any vets with reptiles.. lol

Take care Jeanette .. happy everything turned out well

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