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Sorry, I forgot to say: he was born either last august or september, if that helps determine anything.

The reason I ask is because supposedly I should feed juveniles every 4-5 days and subadults every 4-7 days. Well, when I try to feed him every 5 days, it's stressful to me, because he doesnt want it, he runs away from it, sniffs it and leaves, etc. And I feel like I have to babysit the feeding. So I was thinking of feeding him every 7 days when he may have an actual appetite. I feel like he's not hungry at 5 days......

So that's why I wanted to know. Is it ok if I just start feeding him once a week? I like it when he strikes and eats voraciously, not when he's just eating because I keep putting the mouse in his path! LOL
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