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Smile Universal precautions

Hello all:
A conversation we had in the chat has prompted me to write this post.
Universal precautions is a must with the animals we chose to keep in our homes.
Washing hands before, after and inbetween handling all of our creatures is a must!
I know some of you well go "YEAH DUH!" But some keepers tend to fall into bad habits without even being aware of it so this is a gentle reminder that washing is a must.
Using an antibacterial dish soap as a hand wash is a good way of keeping clean and dont forget to wash right up to the wrist and do it and a downward motion to take the germs from the wrist to the tips of the fingers than down the drain.
Using antibacterial dish soap in our tanks etc is a good idea and if people choose to use Javex one cap full in a bucket is sufficient!
Does anybody have any other ideas on good products to use to clean our creatures habitats?
Take care and be safe from me Christina
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