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If there is one thing I'm a geek about (besides snakes) it's LOTR and the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Edwin...I hate to burst your bubble but it comes out next month not next week. I know the scene you think you saw a car but I've proved to others that this is not a vehicle. I've been to that web site and if someone said they saw an alien in Titanic, they would put it up.

And Shane, there is not an alternative ending...just a really great re-editing of the movie with extra footage placed in all over the movie. The 2500 pictures are mostly sketches and planning pictures. Good stuff though. There is some really cool special features they I have seen and more that I have not got to yet.

I think this extended version is a lot better than the theater version. If you have read the books you will recognize a lot more and if you have not read the books you will understand a lot more. I definately recomend seeing it.
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