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If you're curious .. I had 9 snakes and one monitor treated .. 6 snakes over dosed and one monitor and one of my snakes died .. as for my friend .. He had over 60 snakes treated and about90% of them overdosed .. He lost 8 snakes so far .. and some that are rare and expensive and there was even a gravid Hog Island boa too ..

So far I have decided to take the calm way .. I have talked to a couple of lawyer and for me - If I win (AND I WOULD) it would be an expensive win. Meaning that It would cost me more than the value Id be getting for the snakes .. Hence not worth my time..

Different story for my friend though - don't know what he will do??

But I did talk to the supervisor and the vet in question .. supervisor covered his *** by putting the blamed on my friend as the one who prescribed the dosage (Why would a vet take the advice of someone with no qualifications????) but the vet called me personally and told me how he felt like **** and he was so sorry about how he past away adn that he was the one who had made the doage..

I told Him I really aprreciated the apology but that all in all , I have a snake who died that was perfectly healthy in the first place .. I asked him to be either compensated by an other snake or the monatary value of an other one .. (he said He believed it would not be a problem ..

It does not bring him back but the appology made the world of a difference .. its enough for me to drop the whole thing and move on.

Its all still in the air .. i will keep you guys posted ..

(btw - I still have 5 snakes overdosing but I do believe they will all pull throught)

Tx everyone

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