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That is SOOOOOOO sad...

Im so sorry to hear about your loss. That Vet sounds like a real winner if you ask me....cant even give you the right dose....what a shame.idiot.moron.dumbass(words cant describe)

I think you should DEFINATELY hit him below the belt....WHERE IT HURTS!!!!Dont hold back. He is responsible for more than one death for hell sake. Even if it had been only 1 it still does'nt justify the loss of you or your friends pet(s)
Im not meaning to cause an up-roar, but your vet started it by being a moron.(well I dont personally know this guy, but I was just looking up flagyl in one of our med books, and Correy does have the dose right)
But then again, not everyone is perfect, but we all need to pay for our mistakes....and you had no fault in this one, therefore, you should'nt have had to pay...!

Again, Im Sorry to hear it.
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