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What a night....

Well longer than a night.

My power has been out for over 38 hours now due to a MASSIVE wind storm that left over 70,000 without electricity...there was 17 downed power poles in the valley....AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! It has been HELL!!! I am at work right now(thats how I can write this) and hav'nt slept guessed it... over 38 hours. We have a back up generator running 1 heater and 1 humidifier in each of our snake rooms and I placed 1 40 hour heat pack(which I use for shipping....and thank the lord I just barely ordered a new case of em) in with each of my smaller snakes(2-3 for my gravid femaled depending on the cage size) and 4-5 in a pillow case with each of my larger constrictors. Ive managed to raise the ambient air temp. up to 82 and SLOWLY rising if at all(good considering its only about 40 degrees outside right now). My incubators all dropped down to 80 degrees for about 20 mins. while I was hooking the generator up. Im sooooooooooo scared.worried.frusterated.
I must say its a good damn thing I bought a generator the same day my power went out....thanks to my tax return. If I had'nt bought that generator, everything in my incubators would be lost....whew.....but maybe they will all be lost anyway due to the temp drop....

THANK GOD FOR GENERATORS(well thanks to whomever invented
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