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Angry My Poor baby!!!!!

Hey everyone! I have to tell you this, on November 3rd of this year, I was walking past my "snake room" when I noticed Cha Cha our boa was twitching. So i ran over there and looked, her head was tilted and she was twitching all over. Knowing me, i paniced and took her out, then i screamed for my mom. I put her on the ground, when all of a suddon, she had a seziure. She was lashing out and her eye were moving all over the place and she had NO control over her nerves. Well I called every vet place and no one was open (it was late), so then I found an emergency place that told me where to call if i wanted to bring her in the next day to a different place. Well, she finally calmed down, and she looked like she was dieing. Well the next day we brought her to a place in Grand Rapids called Woodland Vet. The vet asked us a bunch of questions, then we explained to him that a vet before him had given us some mite medicine that was really for cats and dogs. The meds. was put on her just an hour before she had the sezuire. Immediatley the vet said, that is it, the medicine poisoned her. He said that this Vet Kem product that the other vet gave us wasnt very safe. He said that their office switched to a safer product, than an even safer product the use today! We were so pissed at the vet that gave us this Vet Kem product!!!!! But anyways, my baby is doing ok now, and she is eating ok too. thank goodness! Well, dont ever use vet kem products!
Love ya all!
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