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I'm really saddened to hear what has happened If you can manage......I'd say to go through with the claim....that vet should pay for his mistake....if he doesn't, it may happen again.....
IMO he should have his right to practice suspended, atleast until he can prove to be competent in providing such service(I know, I'm dreaming)....Sorry means squat.....these people make a tonne of money for taking care of our pets....when they screw up, they should pay!!! It shouldn't be about the money, its the suffering the animal goes through due to their 'mistake'. Alot of peops think an animals life is expendable, I guess its because it suffers less than a human, right? DUH!!
This kind of stuff really ticks me off...I'm sure they're sorry (they certainly don't want a bad rep.)and the cost of one snake is lint out of their pocket! This is a bit of a rant but i really feel bad for your animals and there's no reason this should have happened.
I wish you all the luck with resolving this and I hope your other animals will be o.k.
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