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Corey : The dosage for the extreme cases of an amoeba in an Epidemic proportion is MAXIMUM 300 mg once .. or more with a 14 day interval (that is what i read and the vet told me)

The vet prescribed 250 mg 3 times on a three day interval ..

As for the the tumers and growths???? Are you shure ... 6 out of my 7 Pythons overdosed and my savanah too... Are you telling me that I will loose them too???

Please .. if this is true, if you don't mind, can you show me documentation.. I hope you're wrong .. I really don't need this.

As for the lawer, I have talked to several and if I win, It will be an expensive win ( the lawer said I will win but that It will cost me more than the value of the snake and the emotional damage caused) - My other option is small claims court ..

I have been talking to the supervisor and vet of the animal hospital .. for the first time .. I got a long awaited appology and I should be compensated for the death of My carpet python . althought Its all still in the air. (A new snake won't help but the appology really made all the difference - feels stupid to say but just for that, I would let this whole thing go)

Anyway Plz reply Corey

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