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URGENT March and April Reptiles Magazine issues....very long

On page 8 (March issue) an article begins about the HSUS (Humane society of the United States) calling for a ban on the sale of all reptiles, the keeping of all reptiles as pets and so on and so forth. All reptiles!!! What are they thinking, trying to force the US government on all levels (state, federal, municipal) into a ban on keeping reptiles as pets, which would ban valid business that in turn keep a booming sector of the pet trade alive with their biggest reasons being salmonella (c'mon.....we all know you can get that from KFC and McDonald's) damage to wild populations due to overcollecting (conservation through captive breeding would not be possible if there were a total ban on imports {thanks to the likes of Unkie Roy, Ken Taylor, Corey Woods and others for showing me the light on that topic), exotic disease (being a somewhat valid claim, however if we don't know about these diseases wouldn't it be a great opportunity to learn about them, and then treat and prevent them?). In my humble opinion, it sounds to me like they're no better than terrorists, dictators forcing their personal opinions down american citizens throats.
In April's issue on page 16 at the bottom of the page starts another article based on the same topic. The Humane Society of the United States has called for a BAN ON ALL REPTILES!!! So they'll dictate what americans can and can't keep as pets, or base their business on, or base their educations on, etc. etc. and the list goes on. I'd put everything I own on the table that this wouldn't be happening if everyone kept dogs and cats. Speaking of which, if they succeed, where do they draw the line?
My biggest concern, being the quiet ones of the north, is what does this mean to Canadians? On more than one occasion the Canadian government has followed laws put forth by the U.S. senate, could this be a possibilty for Canadians? (The U.S. government has not yet made any decisions to my knowledge, however if they vote in favor of HSUS what will this mean to Canadians?) I realize I may be redundant in my statements but this topic has haunted me since I first laid eyes on it.
Education is a major key to stop ignorance, however, we all know that ignorance can never truly be erradicated, just as i'm sure there's at least one racist on the board of education, there's got to be an Ophidiophobe (one who is afraid of snakes), or Herpetophobe (one who is afraid of reptiles) sitting in one of our federal government cushy chairs as I write this. This bothers me to the ends of the globe and back. Somehow, we as keepers of reptiles, herpetologists, zoo-ologists (sp?) etc. have to fight even harder with more passion than ever to prevent this from being a reality in Canada and even the United States for that matter.
For those of you who don't read the magazine there's a few online links that Reptiles Magazine had the courtesy to provide in their wonderfull literary works (which, as we all know wouldn't be here, and thank god it is!).

HSUS can be contacted here at the below address, keep in mind that keeping a level head is the only way these people will give any thought to what we have to say.

Another groups opinion of HSUS can be found at the link below, this link states what i'm sure the majority of reptile enthusiats are thinking, especially after reading the above mentioned articles.
"One hour from now, another species of life form will disappear off the face of the planet, forever, and the rate is accelerating.." - excerpt from Megadeth's Countdown to Extinction

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