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The way I understand it is.....

neonate = newborn, hatchling (equivalent to a newborn in human terms) usually meaning 1 day - 4 months old
juvenile = is from 4 months - 1 years (equivalent to a toddler in human terms)
sub-adult = 1 year - 2 years (equivalent to a teenager in human terms)
and an adult would be from 2 years and up (equivalent to...well i think you know what i'm gonna say here, lol )
The above example would be good for ball pythons.
With chameleons it would be different, for example chamaeleo calyptratus (veiled cammy) would be something like.....
neonate = 1 day - 2 months old
juvenile = 2 months - 5 months
sub-adult = 5 months - 8 months
adult = 8 months and up.
It really varies from species to species. What kind of a snake have you got and how big (weight/length) is it. I might be able to come up with an estimate for you, if it's a species I'm unfamiliar with i'm sure someone here would be more than willing to help.

I've been waiting all winter for spring, and now that it's finally here, i'm still couped up in the house, sneezing like crazy, hoping that this reactine will start working, lol. It's 27C in Ottawa right now, and Blender (my male veiled) just enjoyed his second day soaking up D3.
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