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Exclamation Death due to malpractice??

Hello everybody..

As some may remember .. I have treated all my snakes and monitors on flagel for a posible ameoba infestation. The vet (might I add that he is the only vet in Ottawa to be certified with reptiles}did a huge mistake...

He overdosed all my snakes and monitors. ( We had told him the dosage wast too strong but he kept saying you could give 4 times the amount of flagyl and they would not overdose)

On sat. morning, I woke up and saw that all my pythons except my Rock were twictching and head wobbling from left to right. That morning I headed out to my friends place and saw that all the animals treated with the flagyl as well were doing the excact same thing .. after researching, we realized it was an overdose of flagyl.. I am saying we, cause we told the vet that it was an over dosed .. and got confirmations form the autopsies from the dead snakes and fecals.

The only thing we could do was treat the snakes that were having seizures with valium - this was know by 10 pm the same day .. My friend had already lost 2 snakes from the overdose .. the seizures is what killed them ..

My male carpet python had been seizuring quite often .. he seizured at the following time

Sat at 10pm
Sun at 6pm 10pm

mon. at 2am (at 4 am went to vet to get more valium), 8am, (got him checked out again by the vet at 8h30) 10am, 2pm, 6pm, 10 pm

Tues. at 2 am

Needless to say .. I have not sleep in several days.. My carpet died around 4 am today. This is one of my first snake I have ever gotten .. and first reptile I have ever lost. Only to add to this.. I've lost this month my cat after 300$ of vet bills .. my female savanah has a huge burn on her back wich cause a lung bacterial infection .. I doubt she'll make it .. no Idea ... (got her checked out too} .. My burm has mouth rot , my ball had Ri this month .. I had to treat them with baythryl and now this....

I am f*ckan flipping out - especially this one b/c he died due to the overdose.

What do you guys suggest i do??

If a Doctor killed a child by malpractice .. you could sue and you would defenetly win.. If a vet did this to dogs I think same would apply but I think my problems is these are "non-cuddly" animals to the average person.. and are less important...

Second problem .. he overdosed ALL of my collection. My pythons are against the by-laws but my snow bulls and savanahs ar not.. (did I mention my savanah reaction to the overdose is defecating blood)

I am completly broke now .. I spent over 600$ of vet bills this month, my cc is maxed out and my snakes are still overdosing as we speak ..

Can i sue him? Should I go to the vet clinic with the dead snake? Should I go to the vet hospital and get the supervisor number and see where it goes?

Any advise plzz.. I really need your help
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