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woooohooooooooo... Im home now and just spent the last 20 minutes browsing this topic... to just give a brief overview and not indulge to much into anything.. I would just have to state that expensive prices are what attract people into buying stuff... now lets start from say grade 5 in elementary school. Your just about to go back to school and your mom wants to buy you a new pair of shoes... Walmart has some very nice looking running shoes for $29.99, air bubbles, great design, and a GOOD, CHEAP price... Athletes world has some Nike Air running shoes which arent even as nice looking but cost $179.00 each and look like space shoes. Which pair of shoes do you think you whine and cry to get??? the walmart specials or the nikes... the nikes because of there high price, even though the walmart specials look nicer.. same goes for stitches brand clothing.. EXCO... hell alot of that stuff looks nice but because it is cheap and is a "imitation" it is not sought after.. cars.. wow... honda civic, nice and common 20k car.. great on gas and reliable... or a 150k bentley... whose going to buy the civic IF YOU CAN AFFORD the bentley... its just how life is.. the more money you have the higher quality of life you indulge yourself in, and its just a fact of life...

A whole nothing opinion is people who say they HATE HYBRIDS BUT THEY LOVE THERE ALBINOS AND MELANISTIC and all other bs morphs... LINE BREEDING MUTATIONS IN YOUR ANIMALS IS NO BETTER FOR THE ANIMAL THEN CROSS BREEDING THE ANIMAL to be kept in private collections.. in fact, i bet the hybridized animal has a better over all health then a piebald bp, to be kept in private collections, who cares... If you truly care about the health of your animal dont buy morphs. If you care about your snakes but not to that point, then indulge yourself in the morph race... but regardless of whatever you do.. HAVE FUN WITH IT AND RESPECT YOURSELF AND OTHERS OPINIONS. whatever your doing isnt the rightway or the best way period, it is the right way and best way FOR YOU TO DO WHAT YOUR DOING... oh my i have jet lag so if that didnt make sense or if it is all over the map, forgive me! just my opinions on a strongly opinionated topic! is offline