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Well, we packed up the loon in a cat carrier and drove out to Blackstrap lake yesterday.

<img width="480" height="360" src=",0,0,1,1,480,360,FFFFFF">

But, the lake was almost completely iced over. There was one little open area wiht a couple ducks on it, but that was it. So, we kept going for another 45 minutes until we got to lake Diefenbaker... which is completely open and ice free. We drove into the park a little ways from the Gardiner dam, and pulled up at the boat launch. I opened up the carrier and my b/f took it to the edge of the water

<img width="320" height="240" src=",0,0,1,1,320,240,FFFFFF">

After a few seconds, the loon figured out that it was free, and took off swimming.

<img width="490" height="482" src=",0,0,1,1,490,482,FFFFFF">

It spent awhile diving and stretching it's wings, moving slowly away from shore until we could barely see it... it gave a few little calls just before we left (i don't know if it was saying "thanks" or "screw you guys, i'm so out of here!" *L*)

<img width="280" height="431" src=",0,0,1,1,280,431,FFFFFF">

Anyway, it'll probably hang around the lake for awhile eating and recovering before hopefully flying south like it's supposed to. There were ducks, geese, and seagulls around the lake as well, so I'm sure it'll feel comfortable there until it's ready to move on.

various cornsnakes, 0.1 black pine snake, 1.0 uromastyx geyri, etc.

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