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This is from Melissa Kaplan...

"Humidity and Ball Pythons
Ball pythons are native to very warm, but not hot, dry areas in Africa. Many people make the mistake of trying to keep them in a too humid overall environment, using damp sphagnum moss or misting them frequently throughout the day. The problem with this is that keeping the overall environment damp leads to conditions such as blister disease where in the skin, usually of the belly, becomes covered with blisters, leading to bacterial infections of the skin, which in turn leads to overall health problems.

In fact, all a ball python needs is an area within its dry enclosure to which to retreat when it requires higher humidity. One way to accomplish this is to provide a water bowl large enough for the snake to soak in when it wants. Depending on the ambient room (and thus enclosure) humidity, this may be enough, or may be enough during part of the year. Another good, safe option for a ball python is a humidity retreat box."

30-40% sounds a little low to me, unless you have a humid hide. I think most poeple keep their houses higher than that (on average). Where are you? What are you using as an enclosure? Substrate? Heat source?

It's important that the humidity be higher before and durring it's shed period but other than than they sould be OK with 40-60%.

Do some reasarch to find some good care sheets and that should help you with an good humidity level. Once we know more about your enclosure, we can give some tips.
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