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As for the whole Morph thing .. I LOVE MORPH .. A nicecalico retic .. WOW .. i wish i could offord it but its not a pet it is meant for an investment ..

All animals are derived by mutations .. thats how dversity happens .. the only problem with morphs is that generally in the wild many of these mutations would be selected agains and die off because of poor adaptability. Its survival fo the fittest and unfortunetly we are leaving the weaker survive.

But in the end here is the reason why I LOVE MORPHS .. because its almost garanteed to be a CB .. Wich in the end FOR ME - is all that matters.

I own one morph, and its a SNOW bull snake, actually a ready to breed pair of snow bulls .. I personally LOVE the idea of know I am one if the only ones in canada to own such snakes... (athough quite rampant in US) To me these are more of an investment then anything else.

Its nice to know that for once after putting so much money in my animals, I might have a chance to see some back ..
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