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Grant: Oh there was no way I could salvage the rat... JRT's are bred rat killers. They do tidy and quick job though. But my puppy decided he didn't want to leave it and would rather clean it... grrrrr! He was licking it forever, that's why he wouldnt come out! Got it out this morning and it was totally intact with a few teeth marks, but you could tell he gave it a thorough!

Yve: Aw what a cute puppy! I guess I'm lucky. Mine is a very relaxed calm dog, always has been... even as a puppy he acted like a little old man. And doesnt make a sound. Good thing because I'm not into the little yappy dog thing. The other JRT we have has a bit of a mouth, drives me nuts. I'm more into larger dogs.

LOL... looks too sweet to kill anything...
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How did you guess he's my dog? LOL!
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The other JRT... good guard dog!
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Polly... in training? LOL
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