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2 things to say about this.

1. for all of those lables to have been put on those products (well most of them anyways) Someone had to be stupid enough to do what was on those labels and then sue the company for it.

2. why can't we let natural selection work its magic here and remove those labels.....

3. yea I know I said only 2 things but I had to add this one. If we didn't sterilize the needle on a lethal injection, and SOMEHOW they get a last minute pardon (most are done with IV and inserted several minutes before the actual injection) And that lucky bastage manages to get an infection from the needle that would be one HE!! of a lawsuit.

America, land of the free home of the lawsuit.

Anyways, I've go to go get me a hot cup of coffee from McDonalds and spill it on my lap. I've got a better chance of striking it rich that way Vs. the lottery.

Have fun kids! Ciao!
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