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Gotta get in on it. Morphs are good and bad IMHO.
I like the different varietys of snakes and will probably sell everything I own in order to get an Albino brazilian rainbow boa when they are found/bred. But thats just me, I really fancy the albinos and think that albino brazilians are just going to be crazy looking

On the other hand I think morph madness is out of control. But then again, thats just me. Just because I don't want something doesn't mean that someone else doesn't. All though I would like to see some of the rainbow boa morphs come down in price, the risk and effort the breeders put into producing those snakes, very much like with ball pythons who have small clutches where prices are so high. There is an amount of respect that should be had. I'd still like a pair of albino ball pythons. I just can't afford them. To each their own. And best of luck to all those who breed.
Snakes? I just like to teraform!
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