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Big Mike,

(man, I'm spending my WHOLE half-day off here!! ha ha).

Yeah, the borderline morphs aren't helping anyone, let alone the industry, but they'll peter out hopefully. I mean, anyone serious about investing huge amounts of dough into a reptile venture is probably going to research things a little bit and be directed towards legit people/morphs. So the people who are mislabelling Balls aren't helping the industry, but they aren't killing it either.

As for pastels, I totally thought that they were a "pseudo-morph" too!!! The ones I saw were just pretty normals and some weren't even pretty!!! But those were early and unproven lines and if you've ever seen one from the 2 "good" lines (Graziani and NERD Lemon) then you would know they are the real deal. If you have to look twice to see if its a pastel, its either from the other 2 ugly lines, or its not a pastel. The real borderline morph is axanthics. I wouldn't touch those things, especially at the price they are at.

As for the prices dropping, Leos will drop every day that the sun comes up. I'm surprised that some are still priced so high. But Balls are here to stay. People are getting out of stocks and investing in Ball Pythons, that's how serious it is!! Returns of 1000% are not uncommon and almost expected! How long would it take a blue-chip stock to return 1000% of the principle? Well, at 20% return (HEFTY return) that would take 50 years!! Yeah. Crazy eh? ok, now I'M ranting, ha ha!! Talk to you later man!
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