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Originally posted by Quervo
Live, frozen, prekilled .. there's a 30 year old debate! General concensus is that dead is safer (which IS true .. my guy only wanted live when he was little, but after a mouse bit a hole in him, I went through the agonizing process of converting him to frozen .. well, actually I'm still going through it .. we are in the "I'm not eating unless its live .. you don't eat unless you eat f/t" struggle at the moment. (actually I think he's just fasting .. I wouldn't starve him for the sake of switching food .. the last time I gave in and tried live again he just watched it run around until I took it out ... little jerk !) Frozen and prekilled .. about the only difference is .. how squeemish are you .. prekilled means YOU kill it.
Now you've opened a can of worms

Frozen/thawed also means most parasites are dead. I've also heard that freezing makes the rodent easier to digest as the freezing process destroys the cell membranes of the rodent.
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