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Well, we can say that people should do this and people shouldn't do that until we're blue in the face, but will it matter? It may. Educating (however THAT can be accomplished) may help. Or will it? Sure it'll help the people that genuinely care for living creatures, and that's great. But there's a wealth of information out there now inundating people's brains, yet abuse still happens. Why is that? Could disposable animals have anything to do with it? Umm...probably. Do you think that at any given expo, 2,000 kids would walk home with a corn snake if they cost $500? I doubt it. Do you think that millions of red-eared sliders would have perished in the 80's if everyone had to pay $200 for them? I doubt it. What about all those poor green iguannas? I still don't see how you can eliminate price from how ignorant people acquire and care for their animals. Maybe my brain is too tiny to comprehend that notion. Please explain.

However, there does have to be a reptile available for everyone, doesn't there? I mean, there's no reason that someone shouldn't completely own another living thing's existence just because they don't have the moolah right? Hmmm...that's a toughie. I'm stumped, but does that even matter? I mean, just because I don't like something, doesn't mean its going to change, or that its even bad in the first place! I just wish that people treated stuff the way they want to be treated themselves.

Wow, this thread sure got hijacked eh? Sorry Paul! Maybe we should move this thread (if people still even WANT to talk about it)?

I don't understand why I have to chill? I'm not yelling or swearing? Is it because my replies are more than a sentence? Is it because they are thought-out and coherent (ha ha, JK)? Fine, I'll go back to aloof, 1-sentence replies where no one gains any insight.

OK, now about the price of Ball Pythons dropping in the near future. Umm....not going to happen. The herp crash already happened in the mid 90's and we're not going to experience another for a while. It crashed because people over bred everything and then there was nothing new. Well, now we have morphs and some of the combos aren't even going to be realized for another 20 years!! No herp crash, trust me. Hockey cards? Yeah. Can't compare. You see, Opee chee (sp?) could produce as many cards as they wanted to, but breeders can only produce as many snakes as the snakes themselves want to. Its the only industry where one is not worried about selling and only worried about producing. Most industries, you produce a product and that's the easy part. The hard part is to sell your product. Not really the case with reptiles. Right?

Ok, anything else? This is my last good reply (opinion, ha ha), and then its back to my usual drivel.....
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