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Holy Crap !!!! This thread exploded.

I missed a chance to rant .. Oh no.

Okay .. good points were made by all, but here's my input.

Jeff .. buddy ... chill. I have to disagree somewhat with your $20 gecko analogy. People don't rate their pets worth by its price .... hmmm .. no, let me rephrase that. People SHOULDN'T equate a pets worth by its price. What is missing in this whole equation is education. The more we can educate people about these animals, the more people will respect them (well, I can dream).
Oh .. and your $30,000 house .. its called a mobile home .. or a floating home .. take your pick. .. I think whoever originally posted that was using that wonderful ranting tool called exaggeration.

As to the morph thing .. I tend to agree with Linds .. but only because I look at what has happened with the other animals we have "played" with .. I keep seeing the sphinx cat .. morphing gets carried to a (in my opinion) criminal level. People don't know where to draw the line, and I would hate to see that happen to a reptile.

Think of the snakes .. for gods sake, won't someone think of the snakes.
Oh .. sorry, slipped into movie trivia there.

So there .. a good rant was had by all.
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