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Why everyone needs a Jack Russell

Ok... so at around 4:40am or so I went downstairs to go give the rats a little more food. Well, the tub on the top shelf started sliding as I was putting some food through the lid and to make a long story short... as I tried to catch it the male rat got knocked and ended up flying out. Well, there was no way there was going to be a rat loose in my unfinished basement, it had easy access to inside the walls, not too mention it is so packed full fo stuff that you cant move around, or even access some parts (not to mention its a decent sized basement). And hey, it's not my house and the rats are barely welcome there to begin with! So the second the rat was out, I didnt even have a clue where it was... called my puppy (well, actually he is 10 years!) downstairs and told him "Get the Rat!" and within SECONDS you could hear the screaming. Poor little guy. I feel awful about it, but at least it was fast enough. Better than setting traps which they wouldve done Now the thing is, Jack Russell Terriers aren't retreivers so good luck getting the thing back. It took me 30 min to get him to leave it, but its still in a place I can't reach. Just woke up now and I'm gonna go try to fish it out. Wish me luck! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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