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I agree with P.curtus...they are $16,000 because they are an investment and someone could buy them and breed them. Then sell them for what ever price they can get.

I like to look at some of these morphs and I would buy an albino ball if it were cheep. I'd want it for a pet, not an investment so why should I have to pay $2000.

I think that some people set the price of their morphs at a level where only other high end morphers will buy them. This allows them to keep track of where there morph line goes. How many times have you read "_______ from the _______ line"? Big deal. If they were cheeper, then everyone would buy them and breed them and put the high end morpher out of bussiness. I understand wanting to keep your bussiness but you are also on the top of a pyramid and people on the bottom will not be happy.

Remember in the late 80's - early 90's...sports card shops were on every corner. Where are they now? The morph market will crash sooner or later. I'll just wait for my <$200 albino ball to come around.
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