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Talking Hooray, it's a banner day!!!

For the very first time since 1988, I don't have a single rescue animal in my home.:w

I adopted out 3 animals this week, and have not gotten any new calls. The only critters here are my own darlings and some bearded dragon hatchlings too young to offer for sale.

<img src=" d=3&param=45457">

Well, maybe that's not quite true. Amazon the iguana comes from one of my proudest rescues. I saw him or her stuffed in a tiny 2 gallon hex aquarium on a cashier's register at a Pet____ store back in June. Freaked out, called Animal Control and got a number of other animals confiscated as well as Amazon. New homes have been found for all the others.

<img src=" d=5&param=26169">

However, I don't think of Amazon as a rescue so much anymore. Although I always swear I will never take in anymore rescues as my forever pets, Amazon won my heart. Even after the poo painting shown above. This delicious little pickle of mine is staying here forever! The 3 vertebrae at the base of the tail are partially fused from being crammed in such a tiny house, but s/he has gained back nearly full mobility after a tail drop that turned out to be more of a blessing than a heartbreak. Reptiles are such survivors.

<img src=" d=44&param=99953">

<img src=" d=52&param=55228">
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