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Christina, I don't mean to pick on you for a simple comment but...

Why does everyone react like it's a crime to make a lot of money??? If you were offered 3.5 million a year to do what you love most, would you turn it down? Just be honest with your self and figure out what you'd do. There probably wouldn't be many of us that would say ", no thanks. I'll stick with $40'000 a year. I'm not a fan of money."

The whole Steve Irwin thing was already beaten to death a couple of times in these threads. Some of us like him, and some of us don't. That's cool. It just always gets to me when people criticize the amount of money that these "celebrities" make. Heck, there are probably 2 billion people in the world that would think $40'000 a year is too much for one person to make a year.

Just a thought. No hard feelings, I hope.
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