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I dont understand why making money HAS to be considered evil or a great flaw.

So steve makes money from the Zoo. If it was a not-for-profit venture then he could not possibly have made it into such a success. As for goverment grants for non-profit animal rehab, well it is like trying to milk a stone..very hard to do.

IMHO steve is providing a wonderful service, he is educating people that reptiles do not have to be feared, just respected. He is opening herperculture to the mainstream public and is winning the public over. That herpers are not freaks and that there is beauty even in if it is cold blooded.

If he is doing all this AND making a living then great for him. If his zoo was the reptile eqivent of a puppy-mill then I would be concerned, but so far I have only heard great things about it.

My ONLY major problem with Steve is that I REALLY WANT HIS JOB!!!

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