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Grant ....

Sorry to hear you are having problems selling your cages. My theory is unless you find someone who had the same requiremenst and maybe the same snakes you used the cage for, then the only interest you are going to get is --- i'll give you $50.00 if you deliver it --- Pre assembled and USED cages are definitely hard to sell. I usually only build to order, except I build 1 or 2 for the reptile show. Even then I sometimes dont sell any. It is not a way to make a killing in the reptile world in my opinion. I just do it as a hobby. If someone wants one and is willing to pay for it then thats great, but I would never survive on that money alone.

Also there are quite a few other people in Canada who build reptile cages, and probably sold quite a few. Beth makes cages in BC, myself in Alberta, JD Terrariums, Ed Valan out of Toronto, Canadian Kaging (Are they still around) and probably many others. There is a market there for cages, but not all people are willing to pay for the labour that is associated with the cost.

Well, just my little rant......

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