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It's just loon-y! (non-snake pics)

I just had to share this.... Here tonight's new (and temporary!) addition to my little 'zoo'... a common loon!

<img width="639" height="335" src=",0,0,1,1,639,335,FFFFFF">

<img width="543" height="438" src=",0,0,1,1,543,438,FFFFFF">

My b/f's aunt called him tonight and asked "Does Dawn want a loon?" Yeah... do I want a what?? *lol* Story here is, my b/f's uncle's co-worker found this loon up north on the ice at McArthur River. After watching it for a couple days and determining that it wasn't moving much (loons need open water to take off, and can't even walk well on land), he brought it back to S'toon with him (2 plane rides and a van ride). It then got transfered to my b/f's relatives, who phoned the zoo here and were told that the zoo wouldn't take it. So, they call my b/f and ask him if I'll take it (once people know you like animals... *lol*). So I've got it for the night, until I can call the vet college in the morning (I believe they do wildlife rehab). For now, he/she is in a small animal cage with a bowl of water and some jackfish strips. Doubt it will eat anything, but it's been drinking alot... after a few days in a cardboard box, I'm not too surprised. It's playing with the fish as well, but I don't think it recognizes it without a head, fins, and guts. *L*

And yes, this is the classic black loon with white spots on the wings and red eyes... however, it's in duller, non-breeding, winter plummage. (check out <a href=""></a>)

Anyway, I have to say this is the last thing I thought I'd be getting tonight! You just never know....

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"The only thing worse than a human who had no respect for other animals was a human who assumed all other animals thought and felt just like he did." --Julia Ecklar, "ReGenesis"
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