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I cant believe u remember those vanna white
Now, im all embarrassed...

If i cant move four 6' x 2' x 2' melamine enclosures (with sliding glass, 4 aluminum circular vents, in good shape...etc..etc...) for 150, then i really dont think there is a strong demand for cage building, although there is to an extent, i think guys like greg west and john have pretty much got the market covered....

Sweet set ups are nice, and I would love to buy a few, but i think u (shane) should concentrate on building rubbermaid racks of all sizes. They are extremely easy to make, but a lot of ppl just dont want to spend the extra time to build it themselves.

I know i dont want to ever make my enclosures again...and
Id rather spend the extra few on a fellow herper.

Also, free dilivery would be great! :P

And, no edwin, how many times do i have to tell you, the bloods dont come with the wood! lol
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