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Ummm yeah. I can't really voice stuff if you're gonna read between the lines like that. If you read my piece carefully, all I said was that the mass-production of cheaper animals (corns was an example) didn't sit well with me. I didn't like the fact that a 5 year old could breed these things. I never said they were bad animals. I just said that I didn't like the assembly-line production of these animals whose monetary value has fallen below their intrinsic value. I don't see how you could possible muck that thought up, but you did.

No, my first snake wasn't $5,000. I don't even OWN a $5,000 snake. My first snake was a WC Texas Rat. That doesn't mean I support WC now!! I don't get your connection there? Unless you're trying to wonder out loud why I can get a cheap snake for MY first snake but that I don't like it when everyone else does. That's a tough "question", and I thank you for "asking" it. Truth is, I don't know. I don't like the mass production of animals that a monkey could breed. I don't know why and I'm not going to ponder why. I just do.

As for the original thread, well I think that's lost now. I think you were basically asking why everyone likes something that you don't and why do they make a big deal about it. Well, I really should have taken the post for what it was and not replied at all. Its like me asking why does everyone like Porsches, which in my opinion, are glorified VW Beetles? Its doesn't matter why they like them, they just do. Its my fault for replying to an obvious thread that was not a question (even though it was posted like one) and rather, an opinion. I've learned something and that a good thing.

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