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well i first started this thread, and i only once saw a reply about anything i'd written. unfortunatly this thread was hijacked by ppl talking about the monetry cost of animals. i only mentioned the prices due to the ridiculous ways that ppl are trying to outdo everyone else by paying top dollar for a rotten looking animal. what did my post have to do with the cost of "cheap" cornsnakes???if it wasn't for the cornsnake thousands of reptile keepers would never have been. just because they are easy to keep and breed means that alot of todays top breeders probably wouldn't be able to sell animals at all coz no-one would have an interest in the life cycle of snakes. why do ppl get bent out of shape when someone claims to be the first breeder of albino ball pythons in canada????? it's a ball python! just coz it cost a load more doesn't and should never mean it's more important than it's natural counterpart. ok so jeff, u've been in the snake thing since '91, so? i've been in the snake thing a hell of a lot longer but that doesnt give me the right to shootdown other ppls opinion, and after all this thread was just my opinion. if ppl r stupid enough (In my opinion) to by a sanke that looks like faeces to me then fair shout. waste ur money on a pet, see if i care. there is nothing wrong from profiting from breeding snakes. anyone breed snakes and give them away??????
last point (for tonight) bob clarke paid $150000 for a leaucistic ball python. y? bragging rights? perhaps we should be looking at why ppl want these mutants.
have fun!
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