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Grant, maybe you need to show them those pics with you showing them off ala Vanna White. I remember you posting those pics on the 'other' website when you first built them. Don't worry, I am sure that someone will take them off your hands soon.

The cheapest 6x2x2 that I found was for $80-100, but it was basically a melamine crate with chicken wire air vents. Most of the people I spoke to were willing to sell in the $200-300 range for a standard melamine (front access, 2 air vents, sliding glass) cage. The prices shot up drastically once I asked for an installed hide box, wood trim etc. JD terrariums offered the best value for my money, which is why I went with him.

I forgot about the liability issues associated with heat tape in Canada, but Shane, if you could find some way around it, or alternative equally efficient methods of heating racks, this would be huge. I think I speak for most people when I say that I am afraid to fool around with anything electrical which may burn my home down.

Grant, if you throw in a blood with your enclosures, I may be interested *wink wink*
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