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Personally, I like morphs... but then, I like genetics in general. And, while I may like them, if I ever find myself making a choice between "that snake" and "that car", well, something's wrong (that's why I like cornsnakes... easy to keep, and all the morphs stay within a reasonable price range.)

I think one way to look at those 'high end' morphs (for example, ball pythons) is that producing those very expensive animals brings in a cash flow for those breeders, who can then afford to work on other projects (consider that it would be hard for most people to even break even just raising normal bp's, since the wild caughts are still coming in a whole lot cheaper - and the 'average consumer' doesn't know any better than to buy a wild caught animal), like normals. In some cases , those ridiculously expensive animals are helping further the captive breeding of their normal counterparts. Or, the breeders can then fund projects with rarer but less in demand or more difficult snakes, and possibly discover proper husbandry techniques for those species to make them easier to keep and more available.

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