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Here we go again....

Ok jsnake0, I'll reiterate yet again.

Again, you're thinking in terms if "me" and "I". That's great if you look after you animals. I didn't say that you wouldn't keep good care of your snakes, regardless of cost. But again, that's just you. I've been into the snake-thing since '91 and I've seen all the horror crap man. Just because YOU say you don't neglect your corns because they are inexpensive, doesn't mean that no one else does. And just because I say I can't house a Burm/Retic/Rock properly so I won't have one, doesn't mean that other people are as sensible/compassionate. They aren't and I've SEEN it. The industry has created disposable animals whether you like it or not. I hate it, and I'm passing on my observations to you, whether you believe me or not.

tai_pan1 had a great point and that's just to educate people. Only problem is people will be cruel no matter how much they "know". That's the significance of the cost of the animal. People would not be cruel to a $5,000 animal as that would be "cruel" to themselves, ha ha!

And Morph is right. Most people here don't buy from petstores. They've moved on from that sort of thing. Its the people that don't know anything about reptiles and can actually OWN one for a pitence that I'm talking about. Not the people at this site. I don't like that and no matter how much people tell me they look after their corn snakes, it won't change the fact that anyone with NO knowledge or scruples can buy a snake for pennies. Then, when feeding it live mice ceases to be fun and exciting, what happens to the snake? Who cares? It only cost twenty bucks. I make that in an hour. See my point? Just like pirannahs and Oscars. How many 8 year olds got those just to see them eat live fish? I know I did. I wish I didn't have that opportunity.
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