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ok for my two cents worth
1. I will not pay more for any "pet" then my rent
2. I will pay for something i like but the not through the nose

i think jeff is way wrong just because a pet is cheep does not
mean everybody just thinks of them as disposable
i would not have any pets if every one cost a arm and a leg
i take very good care of my "pets" for one they eat better then
me they always get food no matter how broke i am they always
have a place to live even if i can't afford to rent

the cost of any animal is not what you pay for it, that is cheep.
it is the contiuned care and love you give the animal which is

i have raised animals for food and if you spend more on the animal then it costs to sell you lose money you can't afford to live
farmers are not rich but they still take care and love their animals

ok so there was my 2 cents
i am glad that corns are cheep that way i can have different ones and each one is like a different kind of snake
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