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Why are there so many makes, models, and colors of the automobile? Of the toothbrush? Of furniture?........ Not everyone likes or wants the same thing.To me if we're not taking any animals from wild populations for these "projects" that is a good thing. A good bet is that a high percentage of the "normal" snakes in captivity are far from that-- with many carrying a "skeleton in the (gene) closet. There are some morphs that I don't find appealing, but others do. If not for what they represent (and look like) now,then what they represent for future breedings. I will always find it hard to beat a normal cornsnake in all of mother nature's beauty. She's been doing a pretty good job!! Have you noticed all the names that refer to food and/or its color? Licorice,butter, creamsicle,candycane, rootbeer,etc. When they get to devil's food or snickers-- I'm in!!
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