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Jeff, I agree with a lot with what your saying, but I think you're getting a tad worked up.

I'm a morpher, I don't like the high prices, but you know what PEOPLE WILL PAY, and yes, it is money talking, but it happens with everything. Look at dogs and cats, that sickens me. Breeding dogs and cats, but people do it. I just do my part by NOT BUYING. I will of course pay for a morph that's affordable to me because I want it, it's pretty it's nice and I like it!

Some morphs are just nutz, ie ball pythons, but you know, that seems to be just ball pythons, other morphs, like those in corn snakes, are pretty clear cut.

Although I don't see why just cuz a snake is cheap, you won't touch it Jeff. I love my corns. Most I paid more than $20 for. Actually my high end corns, my blood reds, were the cheapest corns I ever bought!

Anyways, I like natural phases too, but I think the morphs are pleasing to the eye.

I'm not sure where rubbing in the faces come from. I enjoy the bp ads actually. They're funny.

This has come up in many a forum. A lot of people say it's because people are jealous and resent that they can't afford said animal. I agree, I've been there, I've been jealous and resentful, but that's the market folkz!
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