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Of course. But tell that to the millions of green iguannas that get abandoned in alleys or set loose in the local forest (in the WINTER time). Or to the thousands of leos and corns that die because people don't know how to keep them. Remember the red-eared slider craze? How many poor animals perished THAT decade? I don't even want to think about it. I'm all for affordable animals for everyone, but that doesn't mean every single animal should be one price. If I had no other snakes, I could produce 2000 baby corns in a single year. How fair is that to the baby corns? They would be treated like dry-goods. Now, if I produced 4 piebald Ball Pythons (same dollar value) do you think that those 4 pythons would have a bad captive life? Ummm...I doubt it.

I'm not saying that NOBODY has EVER enjoyed a $20 animal. That would be absurd for me to say. All I'm saying is, what about the other 95% of the $20 animals that got neglected? Who's giving a rat's a$$ about them? Nobody is. And that's sad. They cease to have monetary value so they cease to have intrinsic value (in our eyes), and that's NOT a good thing. Just because its easy as dirt to breed something, doesn't mean that they should be.

I never said that corns weren't great snakes. Red Rat Snakes are awesome! They are alert, great feeders and look awesome! But just because you took care of them and introduced them to your family, does not mean that the rest of the world will follow suit. So out of the 300,000 corns (not a real number, just for sake of arguement) produced every year, maybe 10,000 go to good homes where people do everything they can for them because they like living things. What happens to the other 290,000 corns? I don't want to know.
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